Message from Capital Development Fund Foundation

Capital Market Development Fund

Message from the Board of Directors of the Capital Development Fund Foundation

The past three decodes witnessed the Rapid growth and expansion of The Thai Financial markets to a new level in leaps and bound. Reform of the rules and regulations enabled a sustain development under new financial organizations to oversee the modernization of the Thai Financial markets effectively

However, due to the rapid growth and rate of change in the global financial system, and the new tendency towards the liberalization of the financial and services sectors in our near future, competition in the financial market will be increasing exponentially. The domestic financial system must be robust and efficient enough to be the crucial supporting factor towards the overall development and expansion of the Thai Economy. Therefore, it is paramount that the development of the Thai financial system needs to have a modern architecture, and cutting edge technologies to define clear, comprehensive, and forward looking guidelines, and procedures to enable solutions to existing problems and limitations.

The objectives of the Capital Development Fund Foundation are to support all activities to promote the development and modernization of the Thai capital market and the Thai financial system in the new age of digital technology, including supporting various academic works to promote ethical, and standards in the capital market system to achieve the development of efficient human resources, and forward looking financial institutions.

The Board of Directors of the Capital Development Fund Foundation hopes that our roles, duties, and objectives will continue to receive cooperation from every institutions as a member of the Thai capital market as before, and continues to be a major driving force in the development of our financial system towards achieving sustainable, and stable growth, and the trust and confidence of both Thai and foreign investors.