Lake Rajada Office Complex

7th floor.

area Space 274.85 square eters


Space 274.85 square eters on the 7th floor.

Advance Rental = 1 Month Rental ( Payment on the day of the contract signing)
Area insurance rate = 3 months

Other information

Utility rates The tenant is responsible for the costs of the electricity and water in the area of the rent. Electricity tariff is based on the actual electricity meter of the rental place .The rate will be as listed under the MEA official charge under section 12.1.2 Water supply rate is based on the actual water meter of the rental place at the rate of 20 baht /unit Air Conditional Water Collant fee 1.653 Baht/ Unit /20 /Ton

2. The electricity bill is paid directly to the electricity utility.
(Electrical type 2.1.2)

3.Parking rental fee 30 baht per hour with company seal. Free parking for 1 hour.
Motorcycle parking rental fee 10 baht per hour with stamp Make a membership card for 500 baht per month.

4.Telephone installation fee 6,000 Baht (onetime payment)

5.Internet Fiber Optic Internet Corporate service Package by UIH co.,th
In the event that the tenant wishes to use the internet fiber optic from other internet service providers other than the Internet Service Providers (UIH) provided by the Lessor The lessee agrees to be the contacter of the internet service provider and pays all related expenses as mentioned above. In this regard, the tenant agrees to pay the service fee for allowing other internet service providers to use the area of Lessor to the lessor at the rate of 12,000 baht per year (twelve thousand baht only)